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1st Dialogue at the Packereigraben
Wednesday, 12 April 2023, 10:00 -  1:00
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Dialogue at the Packereigraben, Berlin-Reinickendorf

Tuesday, 12 April 2023

Meeting point: 10 am S-Bf. Waidmannslust | Duration: 10 am - 1 pmIMG_3297.jpg

We are back at the Packereigraben. What has happened so far? At our first dialogue event in summer and autumn 2022, we got a picture of the watercourse, provided information on watercourse assessment procedures and implemented the first planned enhancement measures. We installed flow deflectors and gravel to create habitats for small fish and insects, for example. In addition, we removed Japanese knotweed from the banks and planted black alder, a native and water-typical tree species.

At the upcoming meeting, we would like to determine together with you how the situation has developed at the upgraded areas along the Packereigraben. For this purpose, we will also take water samples to examine them for chemical-physical properties as well as them for the occurrence, diversity and number of small aquatic animals.

Together we will discuss the results and link them to the question of how we can promote natural water retention in the catchment area and what plans we set ourselves until the next dialogue event on 14 June 2023. In addition, we will put gravel back into the watercourse.

The GRÜNE LIGA Berlin e.V. is organising the exchange with you on behalf of Wassernetz Berlin and in cooperation with BLN. We look forward to seeing you.

Registration at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 You can download the invitation (PDF 2,3MB) here: www.grueneliga.de/images/Dokumente/Wasser/23_04_12_Packereigraben.pdf

Photo credits: Athénaïs Georges - Packereigraben, Berlin-Reinickendorf

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