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Summer 2023 announcement: "Tour de Natur" conquers the south

ausfahrt_wesertunnel_1_stefan_foerster_datenreduziert_p7290471_400x300-equal-2.jpgThe "Tour de Natur" wants to offer a cycling tour again this summer. The route will lead from Singen via Lake Constance and the Allgäu to Munich. The cyclists are expected to be on the road from 29 July to 13 August 2023. The project is still in the early stages of planning. People from the region who would like to support this year's tour can contact the organisation.

In August 1991, Frank Tober of the Suhl district branch of the GRÜNE LIGA initiated the first bicycle protest against the Thuringian Forest Motorway at short notice. The 30 or so participants wanted to draw the public's attention to the ecological and social consequences of the construction of the new motorway and discuss environmentally compatible solutions. The cyclists spent the night in gardens and catered for themselves. Three times as many people took part in the second edition in the summer of 1992.

And since then, the "Tour de Natur" has been standing side by side with environmental activists year after year, taking up topics from the fields of transport, energy and peace policy. The two-week demo bike tour is organised entirely on a voluntary, grassroots basis and with a certain amount of creative chaos. People from all over Germany and from the respective region bring together many ideas and reinvent the tour every year. Since then, the number of participants has leveled off at 150 cyclists per day.

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