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Drive forward for the environment and nature conservation: This was the 28th ENVIRONMENTAL FESTIVAL of the GRÜNE LIGA Berlin e.V. at the Brandenburger Tor

umweltfestival2023_400x267-equal.jpgThe UMWELTFESTIVAL focused on the fair distribution of public space and concrete measures for a transport turnaround, such as the reform of road traffic law. The motto "Next Exit: Fair Transport Turnaround!" was filled with life and experts such as Rebecca Peters, Chair of the ADFC Federal Association and Andreas Knie, transport researcher from the Science Centre Berlin, explained how the transport turnaround can become possible.

Rebecca Peters stands for a generational change in the ADFC and would like to see this also in transport policy and that the bicycle is finally used as the key to the transport turnaround. Andreas Knie, on the other hand, called on employers, represented by GASAG board member Matthias Trunk, to give their employees a bicycle or a public transport ticket. In addition to the experts on the stage at the Brandenburger Tor, numerous exhibitors in the mobility cluster presented good examples that show how mobility beyond motorised individual transport is possible.

Claudia Kapfer, Executive Director of GRÜNE LIGA Berlin e.V., is convinced that every single person can contribute to a change in transport and says about the motto: "We know enough about the enormous impact of our mobility and the unfair distribution of public space. Politicians must finally act decisively to build a climate-friendly transport system. We need structures that facilitate environmentally friendly transport behaviour for all citizens and abolish the privileges of motor transport. Individual transport is only one building block; besides the necessary reform of road traffic law, there are many possibilities that would already contribute to improving the quality of life in public spaces. Exemplary measures and other ideas were presented to visitors at this year's UMWELTFESTIVAL by around 200 exhibitors, five panel discussions and numerous participatory activities.

One of the winners of the Grand Prize of the UMWELTFESTIVAL created a concrete possibility: The Temporary Play Streets Alliance. The alliance was awarded a cheque, flowers and a gift basket by Pheline Roggan and recognised for their commitment. The Temporary Play Streets promote the commitment of local residents, who themselves have committed to closing side streets to cars for a short period of time and turning the street into a playground or meeting place. The other two winners are the State Office for Commercial Vocational Promotion in Developing Countries at the Peter Lennè School with a kit for dry separation toilets and the National Natural Landscapes Association with the project Nature Conservation on Holiday - Voluntourism for Biodiversity in the National Natural Landscapes. These were honoured by Lars Jessen, director of the SWR documentary series "Wir können auch anders" (We can also do differently) and Matthias Trunk, member of the GASAG board.

The winners of the Better World poetry slam "Utopias for a better world" celebrated a premiere on the stage at the Brandenburger Tor. Kathrin Thenhausen and Fiete Bradatsch convinced the audience with their texts in the Let's Talk Lounge and thus won the performance in front of the Brandenburger Tor.

On the Street of 17 June, INTENSE, the mobile planetarium dome, attracted special attention and gave visitors a deep insight into our home planet. Nicole Sartirani showed with Mikrokosmos that insects can have a nutritional value as well as an enjoyment value, and the Mountain Forest Project recruited volunteers to help protect and maintain forests, moors and open-air biotopes.

Around 60,000 visitors from all over the world spent an informative and inspiring day at Germany's largest free ecological festival. With around 200 exhibitors, celebrity guests such as Steffi Lemke and Manja Schreiner, and plenty of good vibes, the 28th ENVIRONMENTAL FESTIVAL organised by GRÜNE LIGA Berlin e.V. set an example for sustainable mobility and encouraged people to join in and take action to protect the environment and nature.
Further information at www.umweltfestival.de


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