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New GRÜNE LIGA project supports resource efficiency in single-family homes

Lebensraeume_altes-Haus_400x300-equal-2.jpgOver the next two years, the GREEN LIGA is tackling the controversial issue of single-family homes with the project "Using Living Space". The aim is to support people who want to make better use of their existing buildings. To kick things off, we want to get in touch with the interested members of the Liga network about this.

The children have moved out and now the couple lives alone in a large house with a garden; two flatmates of the 3-person flat-sharing community have moved in with their partners and now only one person lives in the flat... At the same time, there is a housing shortage in many regions of Germany, even though new buildings are being built everywhere with a great expense of energy and materials. In Berlin, for example, the living space has increased by 25 per cent since 1989, while the population has grown by only 10 per cent. The aforementioned developments apply in particular to single- and two-family houses. Major changes in the housing situation often involve a lot of work and usually even more concerns and therefore often fail to occur. This also applies to (low-barrier) living in old age. In addition, there is a lack of low-cost alternatives.

Since April 2023, Arthur Haus, as a new staff member at the Grüne Liga's federal office, has been dealing with the question of how people who want to make unused living space available can be encouraged and supported. There are many possibilities, from renting out individual rooms to flat swaps to shared flats for the elderly, but these are not yet widely used in the area of single and two-family houses. In this way, living space can be created at low cost and with few resources. The owners profit not only economically and can thus finance, for example, a barrier-free conversion and/or an energetic refurbishment, but also on a personal level, e.g. through the company of friendly tenants who sometimes take over the arduous task of mowing the lawn.

In order to get an impression of the experiences and attitudes of the members of the Grüne Liga on the topic, a survey was designed that can be filled out in a few minutes. In this way, concrete experiences can be collected and obstacles as well as best-practice examples can be identified. The results will only be published anonymously, if at all. Anyone who has not already received the questionnaire by e-mail is welcome to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Those who are particularly interested in the topic have the opportunity to further exchange ideas in a new working group within the Green League. (Photo: ifeu Institute)

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